Physical Therapy Graduates

Upon completion of a course of supervised physical therapy we offer each patient the opportunity to continue using our facility with our Independant Gym Program. This program works well for clients who need extra motivation, assistance, space, and/or equipment to continue to build upon the functional gains made during the formal supervised course of physical therapy.

This program is specifically designed for each participant by a physical therapist.

For a reasonable rate, the gym is accessible Monday through Friday. Come as often as you like to utilize our equipment in a clean and friendly environment.

"The independent gym option at Advanced Physical Therapy has helped to improve our strength and attitude toward the necessity of exercise as part of healthy aging.  We are in better shape physically now than we’ve been in years thanks to the knowledgeable, caring, professional staff at Advanced Physical Therapy who advise us on how to use the gym equipment correctly and to safely move on to more beneficial exercises as we progress.  Spending a couple of hours a week at the gym encourages us to stay committed rather than put off regular exercise." -Wally & Marcia Russell



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