Advanced Physical Therapy has been serving the Placerville area since 2002. Michael Daack, PT, MPT, OCS has been owner and operator of Advanced Physical Therapy since 2003. Over the years the staff of Advanced Physical Therapy has enjoyed helping to restore function for many residents of the greater Placerville region. We have gained a reputation in the community for working diligently along side our patients to make their physical therapy experience personalized, customized, and compassionate.


The staff of Advanced Physical Therapy has the common goal of providing high quality, state of the art treatment interventions to help facilitate clients’ progress toward their individual goals.


Conveniently located on Cedar Ravine Road in the historic district of Placerville, this modern, charming building allows clients to rehabilitate in a peaceful, personalized setting.


The staff of Advanced Physical Therapy works diligently along side patients to help facilitate optimal functional recovery, but each individual’s health and physical therapy success is, in large part, based on their own decisions and work ethic.  Therefore, we encourage all clients to become active participants in their rehabilitation and their general health decisions. 


Monday / Wednesday: 8am-6pm

Tuesday / Thursday / Friday: 7am-6pm